A Vacation from Being Trans

I’m probably not the best person to be hosting a trans web site. I’m one of those people who from time to time gets sick of being trans. I don’t mean sick of being myself. I mean tired of having my life consumed by this issue that has dogged me despite my best efforts to have it go away. More

Ottawa Citizen article

Here’s the link to an article I wrote for the Ottawa Citizen on trans visibility. It was published March 5, 2018: http://ottawacitizen.com/opinion/columnists/sypniewski-why-trans-people-arent-going-to-remain-invisible

Of friends and gifts received

A little while ago. I saw a commercial from Denmark that nearly had me weeping. It reminded me of something I wrote some time ago. The video of the commercial and the original article are here.

Popped buttons and predictable people

Clothes reflect power and social structures in society and are not as trivial as they seem. My clothes had given her the opportunity to impose a hierarchy in our relationship, namely, her right to be rude. More