Current reviews

Detective2Gender Bending Detective Fiction. A survey of detective fiction from the late 1940s to the present reflects the journey trans people have gone through in real life. Transphobic is too mild a word to describe what we’ve often experienced.


AtTheBrokenAt the Broken Places. In this collaborative memoir, a parent and transgender son recount wrestling with their differences as Donald Collins undertook his transition. Despite my best efforts to be sympathetic to the mother’s complaints, I failed.


ToTransSisters1To My Trans Sisters is an entertaining and inspirational collection of letters written by successful transwomen sharing what they have learned on their journey to womanhood. It is by turns honest, heartfelt, funny and furious. “A love letter to our community.”


traumacleaner1The Trauma Cleaner is the biography of the remarkable Sandra Pankhurst, a woman who brings order and care to the living and the dead. Before she was a trauma cleaner, she was many things: abused child, husband and father, drag queen, sex affirmation patient, sex worker, businesswoman, and trophy wife. An affirmation that we are all in this together.


TransActivism1Trans Activism in Canada  is an anthology that brings together activists and allies to examine the various strategies and forms of resistance needed to transform oppression into opportunity for change.