Triple Echo

Triple Echo is the successor to a ‘zine of the same name I published under the name Teddy Michaels from 1998 to 2003. The aim of the original print edition was to publish articles on trans history and the lives of gender variant people, as well as news, articles, book reviews, and opinions that I hoped would be of interest to the trans community and its supporters.

te-joanne1While thematically the web iteration of Triple Echo is similar, I’ve placed a greater emphasis on stories from Ottawa, Gatineau and the Ottawa Valley. The trans community is a diverse one, and we don’t often talk to one another. I’d like Triple Echo to be a place where all of us are welcome and where we can have access to information about what others are doing in our area. I suspect I’m going to be doing a lot of this discovering on my own initially. Eventually, however, I hope people will see the advantage of having a central location where they can contribute news of events they may be holding or speakers they may be bringing in or any other activity that may be of interest to the trans community in greater Ottawa.

This might be too ambitious a goal. However, there are more trans people living their lives openly now in this city than there were when I first published the print edition. There is much diversity here and each of us has our own stories to tell. I welcome your comments and contributions to Triple Echo.

The name Triple Echo is derived from a novella written by H. E. Bates. For more on the novella, and the movie made from the book, see the Triple Echo page in the Arts section of the web site. The name also may imply third sex, third gender.

As for who I am, since transitioning I’ve dropped the name Teddy Michaels. It was useful when I still lived mostly in a male identity because it bridged my split life as well as possible, being a combination of the diminutive of my first name, which many of my non-trans friends called me also, and the plural of my middle name. (I could never stomach having a male and a female name because I never saw myself as two people.) I’m simply Tara Sypniewski now. Who I always was, really.